ARTpara  ele
The journey In August 2016 Charlie will sail again. Planned route: Madeira - Canary Islands – Senegal – Gambia - Cap Verde Islands - Brazil-  French Guiana – Suriname – Caribbean – Colombia – San Blas Islands – Panama Canal Tahiti – Neu Zealand- From here onwards the next step of the journey is unclear due to fog in the brain! Should the route be : Japan – via  Alaska – Canada – USA - Mexico – Panama – and back via the Caribbean – USA – Azores and Europe? Or from New Zealand  to Chile via Fiji, then to The Straits of Magellan and on to Argentina Uraguay – Brasil – Caribbean – USA – Azores – and finally Europe.??? Luckily this need not be decided now and so room for further dreams remains. We from the team „Artparallele“ look forward to a lively response from all the above mentioned countries in order to prepare performances and art projects. We especially look forward to Katrin Lachmund                                  Christian Menzel (Artist and clown)          (Acrobat, clown and also brilliant mechanic)