ARTpara  ele
Art: Inspiration, variation and social awareness.  Whilst encountering the eternal horizon of the open sea and constantly changing cultures, exciting art will be created. Artists are invited to fill the free bunk and sail with us.and to artistically sound their own depths in this churning watery world. The first work produced in this way: „The Atlantic pilgrimage of the heart“ by Annette Fried published by Joachim Keller in 2012, during an eight month test journey through the North Atlanic From time immemorial the sea has been a wonderful place of reflection. A place of meditation on the incessant and eternal thoughts of the mind. Our view becomes free for vastness, our spirit also. The wind blows aside the layers of the the daily grind on our body. It searches for new challenges on the unstable dividing line of water and air. Far from the coast, where both elements envelope the third;the earth, sprayed with white. There the sailor searches for the beacons that help the navigation of the soul. Annette Fried. Other realized works from the project „Artparallele“: „Standortbestimmung“ „Fixing the position“ by  Katrin Lachmund, 2015.A lithography in three colours. Limited edition of 50. Printed overseas by Planparallel. This work of art came about, during a journey on Charlie and during Gesa Pull's lithography class in the „Sommerakademie“ 2015, which took place in Neuburg on the Donau. It cost 500 Euro. Each sold print will finance a performance for children. Buy from Katrin Lachmund, 0049171 8020885,