ARTpara  ele
Theatre under the sails: Moby Dick- a paper theatre for 10 guests in the yacht's saloon. The depths of the human nature will be humorously plumbed. A modern  version of Moby Dick will be narrated: A relationship between the exercise of power and responsibility within the tension of different cultures. Clowning: Laughter unites It is said that a clown encounters everyone with a pure heart and with trust. He awakens joy in his ability to laugh at and with himself and his surroundings Through his unpredjudiced attitude and multicultural understanding, he is an ideal intercultural mediator. The clowns Max (Christian Menzel) and Flaxx ( Katrin Lachmund) give a lively and unruly performance . In it they describe life's disputes and of reconcilation,friendship and commitment. After each performance the clowns collect small gifts from the children and pass them on to the children in the next audience. „Artparallele's first performance is planned for Easter 2016 in Vila do Condo in Portugal The project „Flaxxini“ - A journey around the world- came into being during Charlie's first journey and has found a home at the „Kinderinitiative“ in Bad Orb. Flaxxini is a anti- racism project ,that encourages intercultural competence in primary school children. Since 2010 the two clowns have brought together more than 3000 primary school children from Germany, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzogovina.